To get Pet Insurance?

Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant is excited to have a Guest Blogger, Sandra Estee. Sandra has brought all 3 of her dogs here for over 3 years. She recently shared with us her enthusiasm for Nationwide ( formerly VIP) pet insurance, and was willing to share her story with us.

I would like to start off by telling you how much I LOVE paying health insurance premiums! Yes, as much as I love visiting the dentist or gynecologist! No visuals please… In my opinion, health insurance has always seemed like a waste of my hard earned money. I’m paying for something on a monthly or annual basis for protection against something that may or may not happen. Being in the real estate business for the last 21 years, I survived 7 years without personal health insurance and I can tell you that I prayed a lot that I wouldn’t get sick or in an accident. Yes, I have always carried auto and home owners insurance.

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Hurri-Cats and Tropical Dogs

Alex, Bonnie and Colin have already come and gone and our next guests, Daniel, Earl and Fiona, could be much messier. Unwanted guest means storm season – and so far our early Hurricane visitors have served as just wet reminders of the potential of things to come. Are you ready? Are the pets ready? You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your pets in a tropical weather situation. So listen-up.


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Ricky – A Roomba’s Life

Little Ricky graduated with the honors bestowed upon all Roombas. It was expected of every robotic vacuum cleaner when they rolled off the line at the iRobot assembly plant in Bedford, Massachusetts that they were both reliable and durable. With those accolades, warranty in hand and his shining black outer casing, there was never a Pet Series Model-655 more proud than Ricky. He was born to clean and he vowed to do that job better than any little Roomba ever had before.


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Continuing Education

Want to hear something crazy?  During a recent weekend I sat in a hotel conference room and listened to speakers talk about skin issues in our pets for 15 hours.  Fifteen hours!  Nothing but skin, for real.  I’m sure to you sounds quite boring, just as listening to 15 hours of real estate law would make me want to bang my head against a wall because I am not a real estate agent.  It’s just gotta’ be done.  The nine cans of Coke I pour into my gullet during the talks helps.

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Laser Treatments for Pets: A brief understanding of the K-laser Therapy

The technology behind Class IV  K-Laser therapy is a refresher course from Middle School Science.  Show of hands, who remembers the mighty mitochondria?  Forgot?  Sit up straight and listen – there’s a quiz tomorrow.

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Microchip…..or to not Microchip?

Bells Shows her Microchip getting scanned

Do you really need a microchip for your dog or cat?

A microchip is a rice grain sized pellet that is injected under the skin of your pet that allows the animal to be traced back to the owner if the pet becomes lost or escapes his/her confines.  The whole procedure at your vet, from parking the car to hugging the receptionist good bye takes less than a half hour.  Is it painful?  Consider what you might feel if donating blood, that’s it.  The deal includes a tag with a phone number to call and a chip ID if the animal is discovered by a person without a scanner. (Most shelters and animal control agents carry a scanner that recognizes the chip).

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Help! My Dog is Scooting! How to deal with your pet’s anal glands.

Anal glands!  Eeew.

At one point in the evolution of domestic dogs and cats these were the little stink flags that marked an animal’s territory.  They had a function.  Today, they are the source of our pets’ fascination with sniffing each others butts and the sole reason they insist on long disgusting pauses during a walk, to get a snoot full of another animal’s droppings.  It’s not the poo; it’s the scent of the anal glands.

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