Hurri-Cats and Tropical Dogs

Alex, Bonnie and Colin have already come and gone and our next guests, Daniel, Earl and Fiona, could be much messier. Unwanted guest means storm season – and so far our early Hurricane visitors have served as just wet reminders of the potential of things to come. Are you ready? Are the pets ready? You are ultimately responsible for the safety of your pets in a tropical weather situation. So listen-up.


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SDMA – Spells Kidney Trouble

Recently we hit on the value of routine blood work in a healthy animal. The benefits of this proactive bit of science just got bigger. SDMA, a new kidney function marker found in the blood, is growing in acceptance as an early indicator of kidney disease in our pets.

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Red Shoes and a Golden Doodle

This is Gardie.   Gardy at FD upclose

As you can see, he has a job. All of our dogs should have jobs. Shedding a half-pound of hair on the couch waiting for us to come home everyday does not qualify as work, unless the Dyson Vacuum Company keeps them on retainer.

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