Flea Revival

Rachel relentlessly begs me to blog on the latest revival of fleas as she clings to my pant leg. Ms. Awesome Receptionist is claiming that we’ve received more calls about flea problems this week than we had in the six months prior. Cat hair collects on her scrubs like a Wet Swifter as I drag her through the clinic reminding her along the way that I will not use the blog to sell product.

Next day; she’s laying in my parking space in silent protest.

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Brian and Lulu and the Human-Animal Bond

Lulu in Charleston Years after the Gas Explosion

It was a small little “something” under the skin on Lulu’s hip. No Veterinarian on earth would have found the growth during a routine examination, but Brian did. No bigger than the reward from a shelled sunflower seed; it was tiny.

So what is the difference between Brian and some other pet owner that latches their dog onto the chain in the backyard? The one’s whose level of care starts and ends with a bowl of food and fresh water. You know the type; no heartworm or flea preventative and nary a visit to the Vet, versus Brian, the guy who found a little “something” during a nightly routine of lovingly massaging his girl.

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SDMA – Spells Kidney Trouble

Recently we hit on the value of routine blood work in a healthy animal. The benefits of this proactive bit of science just got bigger. SDMA, a new kidney function marker found in the blood, is growing in acceptance as an early indicator of kidney disease in our pets.

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Red Shoes and a Golden Doodle

This is Gardie.   Gardy at FD upclose

As you can see, he has a job. All of our dogs should have jobs. Shedding a half-pound of hair on the couch waiting for us to come home everyday does not qualify as work, unless the Dyson Vacuum Company keeps them on retainer.

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Routine Blood Work – A Recommendation that Can Save a Life

When Jackson bounded through the door, making an entrance to the clinic that would put Cosmo Kramer to shame on any Seinfeld episode; you would hardly think the young Retriever would be a candidate for a panel of diagnostic blood work. If Jackson was sick, then I’m a model for Speedo Swimwear. The Golden-Doodle was only two years-old; a dirt devil of energy intent on milking the love out of anyone within leash length.

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A Dinner Conversation: Pet Foods. What’s good for my pet?

We see many healthy, strong, thriving animals every day at the Animal Medical Center (AMC).  In those cases when the owner of the pet asks, ‘What’s a good food?’ I’m inclined to point at the patient and say ‘Whatever this one is eating.’

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A Lunch Conversation: Pet Foods. Grains, Gluten & Allergies

Dr. Michael Forcier

As a warm-up for our lunch conversation on pet foods I consulted with the President of the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology, Dr. Ken Kwochka (DVM, Dip. ACVD). He is one of our favorite clients at the Animal Medical Center and he happened in with his kitties Elphaba and Lilly about the time I was writing this blog.  So, coincidence saved me a phone call and confirmed what I already knew.

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