Flea Revival

Rachel relentlessly begs me to blog on the latest revival of fleas as she clings to my pant leg. Ms. Awesome Receptionist is claiming that we’ve received more calls about flea problems this week than we had in the six months prior. Cat hair collects on her scrubs like a Wet Swifter as I drag her through the clinic reminding her along the way that I will not use the blog to sell product.

Next day; she’s laying in my parking space in silent protest.

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Continuing Education

Want to hear something crazy?  During a recent weekend I sat in a hotel conference room and listened to speakers talk about skin issues in our pets for 15 hours.  Fifteen hours!  Nothing but skin, for real.  I’m sure to you sounds quite boring, just as listening to 15 hours of real estate law would make me want to bang my head against a wall because I am not a real estate agent.  It’s just gotta’ be done.  The nine cans of Coke I pour into my gullet during the talks helps.

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Laser Treatments for Pets: A brief understanding of the K-laser Therapy

The technology behind Class IV  K-Laser therapy is a refresher course from Middle School Science.  Show of hands, who remembers the mighty mitochondria?  Forgot?  Sit up straight and listen – there’s a quiz tomorrow.

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Microchip…..or to not Microchip?

Bells Shows her Microchip getting scanned

Do you really need a microchip for your dog or cat?

A microchip is a rice grain sized pellet that is injected under the skin of your pet that allows the animal to be traced back to the owner if the pet becomes lost or escapes his/her confines.  The whole procedure at your vet, from parking the car to hugging the receptionist good bye takes less than a half hour.  Is it painful?  Consider what you might feel if donating blood, that’s it.  The deal includes a tag with a phone number to call and a chip ID if the animal is discovered by a person without a scanner. (Most shelters and animal control agents carry a scanner that recognizes the chip).

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Help! My Dog is Scooting! How to deal with your pet’s anal glands.

Anal glands!  Eeew.

At one point in the evolution of domestic dogs and cats these were the little stink flags that marked an animal’s territory.  They had a function.  Today, they are the source of our pets’ fascination with sniffing each others butts and the sole reason they insist on long disgusting pauses during a walk, to get a snoot full of another animal’s droppings.  It’s not the poo; it’s the scent of the anal glands.

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Yellow Dog Project

Addison Yellow leashAlex, I’ll take ancient American Music Makers for 100 please.

The answer:  (Whoa) Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round the old oak tree.

Go on, sing it!!

It’s been three long years, do you still want me?

Who were Tony Orlando and Dawn?

By some standards (not mine), 1973 was an ancient time.  But like some things old, suddenly they can become new again.  Yellow ribbons are back and you may begin to see them strapped to dog leashes all over the Low Country.

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Christmas Story: Pet Safety for the holidays

Animal Medical Center at the Mt. Pleasant Christmas Parade

One Christmas long ago, I happened upon a beautiful kitty dookie in the liter box; a wonderful little cat turd wrapped like a barber-pole with a glistening piece of tinsel.  My roommate and I placed a hook in the decorative feces and hung it neatly on the Christmas tree.  (There are no excuses for being young and stupid.)  To our delight, Willie – my tinsel eating cat, produced several more “natural” ornaments for our tree that year.  The tree was beautiful but pungent.

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