When do I need to Make My Dog Vomit?

At least once a day the phone at the clinic blows up with a panicked owner wondering if they need to make their dog vomit because of something they’ve eaten. It’s “dietary indiscretion” because doctors find it difficult to write “stupid dog” in the medical chart. More interestingly, we rarely get the same question about a cat. Because cats aren’t that stupid and they only vomit recreationally, that is: for the shear joy of watching us clean up the mess while sitting nearby, pawing the puke off their face.


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A Dinner Conversation: Pet Foods. What’s good for my pet?

We see many healthy, strong, thriving animals every day at the Animal Medical Center (AMC).  In those cases when the owner of the pet asks, ‘What’s a good food?’ I’m inclined to point at the patient and say ‘Whatever this one is eating.’

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A Breakfast Conversation: Pet Foods. What’s in there?

Over the course of the next few weeks I’d like to share a few “meals” with you over the subject of pet foods; breakfast, lunch and dinner if you will?  The hope here is to get our thought processes moving away from misconceptions that become gospel – a result of the internet, advice from specialty pet stores and/or the uninformed.  So for this “breakfast blog” let’s start with ‘what’s in there?’

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