Eddie’s Reminder

Sometimes the life and death realities of a Veterinary Clinic can hit very close to home. Take Eddie.

Eddie is the Golden Retriever that assists the receptionist staff at our front desk. He looks like a lazy slug lying around mooching cookies from who ever stands at the check–out counter, but when the boss is your “daddy” you cut some slack. Eddie was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma this week. I expect he’ll be given a little more leeway for his “do you mind if I lay down while I work” ethic in the coming months.

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Routine Blood Work – A Recommendation that Can Save a Life

When Jackson bounded through the door, making an entrance to the clinic that would put Cosmo Kramer to shame on any Seinfeld episode; you would hardly think the young Retriever would be a candidate for a panel of diagnostic blood work. If Jackson was sick, then I’m a model for Speedo Swimwear. The Golden-Doodle was only two years-old; a dirt devil of energy intent on milking the love out of anyone within leash length.

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Canine Influenza Update

What is it?

It is a flu virus that can cause high fever, loss of appetite, coughing, nasal discharge and lethargy. Some cases progress to pneumonia and occasionally death. These dogs are generally much sicker than “regular kennel cough” dogs.

Over that last 11 years it has been circulating in various areas throughout the country such as Florida, Virginia and Colorado with little to no evidence of it in Charleston County.

There is an effective vaccine that can be given- yet given the lack of cases in Charleston- we have only recommended it for traveling dogs during outbreaks.

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A Game of Numbers- Tick borne diseases

Veterinarians are closet geeks, and geeks love numbers.

Did you know that if your dog maintains an average pulse rate (100 beats a minute) through a normal 13 year life span (covering 4745 days) that during that span  (113,800 hours) their heart will have beaten over six hundred eighty three and one-quarter of a million times!!  Imagine how much fun I am to talk to at a party.

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