Ricky – A Roomba’s Life

Little Ricky graduated with the honors bestowed upon all Roombas. It was expected of every robotic vacuum cleaner when they rolled off the line at the iRobot assembly plant in Bedford, Massachusetts that they were both reliable and durable. With those accolades, warranty in hand and his shining black outer casing, there was never a Pet Series Model-655 more proud than Ricky. He was born to clean and he vowed to do that job better than any little Roomba ever had before.


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A Christmas story Rerun

One Christmas long ago, I happened upon a beautiful kitty dookie in the liter box; a wonderful little cat turd wrapped like a barber-pole with a glistening piece of tinsel. My roommate and I placed a hook in the decorative feces and hung it neatly on the Christmas tree. (There are no excuses for being young and stupid.) To our delight, Willie – my tinsel eating cat, produced several more “natural” ornaments for our tree that year. The tree was beautiful but pungent.

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Yellow Dog Project

Addison Yellow leashAlex, I’ll take ancient American Music Makers for 100 please.

The answer:  (Whoa) Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round the old oak tree.

Go on, sing it!!

It’s been three long years, do you still want me?

Who were Tony Orlando and Dawn?

By some standards (not mine), 1973 was an ancient time.  But like some things old, suddenly they can become new again.  Yellow ribbons are back and you may begin to see them strapped to dog leashes all over the Low Country.

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Cujo or Marmaduke? How to know the difference between true behavior issues and poor training.

Dr. Anne Briley, Dr. Steven Epstein, Dr. Michael Forcier, Dr. Karen Spencer and Dr. Scott Senf (Left to Right) The Veterinary Team at Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant

Does your dog jump excitedly on everyone he meets or does he growl and hide behind you when he meets new people? Does your kitty cat scratch enthusiastically in her litter box or would she rather pee on the rug in your bathroom? Sometimes our darling pets ‘behavior can be less than darling’, but when do you just need to make some minor adjustments in training and when do you call your local behavior specialist?

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