Fast Cars and a Veterinary Myth- Trifexis

Say you’re living large on vacation, so you race a rental Porsche from the airport to the resort.  A wave of nausea rolls through you as you step into your luxury accommodations.  Obviously fast sports cars cause the flu.  You weren’t sick until you got out of the car.  Second thought, hotel room keys might lead to GI disturbances, right?  Wait, you did fly first class, could luxury seating cause tummy turbulence?

Would you believe any of these ridiculous assumptions?  Would these assertions become any less ridiculous if you read it on the web of misinformation?

Welcome to the battleground of Trifexis’ parent company, Elanco. 

FDA tested and approved as safe, Trifexis merges heartworm prevention, intestinal parasite control and the elimination of fleas on our dogs into a once monthly tablet.  Sweet!!  Trifexis is effective and convenient for the pet AND financially comfortable and convenient for the pet owners.  Yet, Veterinarians are quizzed more and more lately about the product’s safety. Why?

Over one hundred million doses worldwide, 70 million in the U.S., speaks volumes of the efficacy and confidence that the Veterinary community has in the product.  Since its introduction in 2011, every adverse effect reported to Elanco has been investigated, not by the parent company but, by the FDAThere is no confirmed link to death.  None, not once, ever!

A recently publicized case – initiated by a television broadcast in Georgia – did not report all of the facts.  Unfortunately this misrepresentation continues through the internet and the uninformed, people who may or may not have an agenda.  The dog in question had heart disease, and had it before the owner gave Trifexis.  A tragic coincidence for sure, but no more the cause of the dog’s death than a sports car, room key or seat on a plane could directly cause the flu.  Negative experiences – unrelated to the products use – get our attention and are often absorbed as factual and unbiased.

True, NO product can claim to be free of potential side effects, Trifexis included.  We know dogs with epilepsy should not take it, we know that less than one out of every 1000 dogs might vomit when dosed. (By comparison; the antibiotic Augmentin we give to our children, reports vomiting in 2 out of every 100!)

Think about it, 100 million doses.  That couldn’t happen if the negative internet posts were the rule rather than the exception.  Elanco has turned over every complaint of adverse effect to the FDA (required by the law).  All are investigated

Trifexis is safe.  It’s effective, and further…has increased monthly compliance in pet owners giving heartworm prevention due to the convenience of its multifaceted effects.

Two other points:

One – If you are uncomfortable with any product/drug you are currently giving your dog or cat; share your concerns with your Vet.  Don’t become absorbed by social media misinformation or hearsay.

Two – All five of the Veterinarians here, at the Animal Medical Center of Mount Pleasant (SC), use Trifexis on their own dogs; including me.  There are not too many things more important to any of us than our dogs, so don’t think for a moment we would jeopardize their lives when there are so many other options to choose from when it comes to heartworm prevention, parasite control and keeping the fleas off of our pets.

We recommend Trifexis because we know it’s safe and it works.

I have never driven a Porsche in my life, why would I?  They make you sick, don’t they?  You just read it on the internet.


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