Laser Treatments for Pets: A brief understanding of the K-laser Therapy

The technology behind Class IV  K-Laser therapy is a refresher course from Middle School Science.  Show of hands, who remembers the mighty mitochondria?  Forgot?  Sit up straight and listen – there’s a quiz tomorrow.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell; generating the energy needed for function.  The K-Laser delivers an infrared wave length of light that give the mitochondria a little kick in the butt.  The result: circulation increases to bring the oxygen that mitochondria require to produce energy (ATP) and more blood means more nutrition.  This cascade of oxygen, blood and nutrition means the body can effectively heal itself Taking notes? You should.  What I’ve just described can be a true wonder for dogs and cats without using drugs or involving expensive and invasive surgeries.

The K-Laser, no larger than the biggest “smart device” we tote around, delivers painless infrared light to an assortment and growing list of our animal’s ailments.  In as few as 2 or 3 treatments (longer for some chronic problems) pain can be reduced, swelling can diminish, tissue healing is accelerated…it’s amazing.

Okay class, pencils out.  Here is an abbreviated list of where K-Laser therapy helps.  Arthritis, joint pain, neck and back pain, burns, dental disease, ear infections and wounds.  It is so effective in promoting wound healing and decreasing pain we use it immediately after most surgeries!

Jessie Temple- klaser

This is Jessie Temple. Jessie has been coming to Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant for many many years!  Her Ma’ and Pa’ heard about the laser and signed her up for a plan to manage her chronic pain from arthritis; three times the first week, twice the next and a single visit the third week.  Then Jessie will get a laser boost as she needs them.  I’m not sure how well Bill and Donna did in Middle School Science class, but they did well by Jessie. (And they look really spiffy in the nifty protective goggles … so they get an A.)  Our plan has reduced Jessie’s dependence on pain medicines, increased her mobility and made her more comfortable.

And Jessie enjoys her visits.  Who wouldn’t; a cookie, loving technicians and a warm soothing therapy is a tough combination to beat.

Side effects?   Twenty years of use (Europe was first in the 70’s- there’ll be no dates on the quiz) and only occasionally do some old injuries become aggravated for a day or two … before they improve.  Improvement might be noted after just one treatment under the laser wand, but keep in mind that the benefit of the laser is cumulative.  You might not appreciate the full value of your pet’s treatments until the 3rd or 4th visit.  Though the goal may be to avoid a surgery or eliminate the buckets of pills your animal takes when initiating a treatment plan, the laser is often an adjunct to improving you animal’s health.

The 21st Century has given us some amazing technology.  But the Class IV K-Laser is Star Wars cool.

Now, if someone will stay after class and help pick-up the safety glasses that Bill and Donna left on the counter, I’ll give extra credit.  Tomorrow, everyone’s favorite;  diagramming sentences.

Pepper Voorhees k laser

Picture above shows Pepper Voorhees’s being super relaxed and excited during the her k-laser treatment.

Thank you to the Temple family for sharing Jessie’s story! And Additional thank you to the Voorhees’s Family for sharing this great picture of Pepper.


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