Christmas Story: Pet Safety for the holidays

Animal Medical Center at the Mt. Pleasant Christmas Parade

One Christmas long ago, I happened upon a beautiful kitty dookie in the liter box; a wonderful little cat turd wrapped like a barber-pole with a glistening piece of tinsel.  My roommate and I placed a hook in the decorative feces and hung it neatly on the Christmas tree.  (There are no excuses for being young and stupid.)  To our delight, Willie – my tinsel eating cat, produced several more “natural” ornaments for our tree that year.  The tree was beautiful but pungent.

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A Cautionary Tail: Matilda’s Story


The files at Animal Medical Center are filled with cases that are both interesting and relevant to every pet owner. Matilda’s case helps to answer the phone call that asks “can I just get medications and not see a doctor?”

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Why should I bring my cat to the Vet? He lives his life exclusively indoors.

Indoor only Cats

I’ll give you this, indoor cats live longer. Odds are with them when they aren’t faced with predators, traffic or the thousand other means to inflict injury upon them selves in flight.

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