Tis the Season to continue Heartworm and Flea Preventions: Why Heartworm and Flea Prevention should continue year round

Scientist had a “my bad” moment a year or so ago when they discovered the fossil of what they thought was a giant flea that fed on dinosaurs. The “oh wow can you believe this” turned out to be just a big ol’ prehistoric bug that had no parasitic intentions. The unearthing of the one-inch long pest does however open our eyes to a very stark reality. Insects, in general, have survived numerous extinction events on the planet and you can bet that long after humanity perishes, creepy crawlers will still inhabit the Earth. So don’t assume a couple of months of cool weather will do what comets crashing into the planet, or climate change couldn’t do; especially here in the jungles of South Carolina.
A change in temperature is no reason to get a little slack with your heartworm and flea preventatives. Get it out, get it on them or in them…and do it on time.

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Is Fido Invited to Thanksgiving Dinner? Lessons from the Pilgrims on what to feed your dog.

Dr. Michael Forcier

History suggests that the first Thanksgiving on American soil took place in 1621, at the Plymouth Plantation subdivision somewhere in New England. In Edward Winslow’s account of the event, the first successful harvest in the New World was the impetus for the gathering and the party went on for three days! Nearly 90 Native Americans hunkered down with another 53 of Winslow’s closest pilgrim friends. Nowhere in the document does Winslow mention that dogs were a part of the celebration; not under tables begging for scraps of wild turkey, corn, venison or eel, not circumnavigating the skirts of pilgrim women as they cooked and baked, and not stealthily licking the dessert plates as pilgrim men, belts loosened to the last notch, slept in front of the football game Continue reading

Cujo or Marmaduke? How to know the difference between true behavior issues and poor training.

Dr. Anne Briley, Dr. Steven Epstein, Dr. Michael Forcier, Dr. Karen Spencer and Dr. Scott Senf (Left to Right) The Veterinary Team at Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant

Does your dog jump excitedly on everyone he meets or does he growl and hide behind you when he meets new people? Does your kitty cat scratch enthusiastically in her litter box or would she rather pee on the rug in your bathroom? Sometimes our darling pets ‘behavior can be less than darling’, but when do you just need to make some minor adjustments in training and when do you call your local behavior specialist?

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